Car-karaoke + scatterbrained kinda day

Today while driving ABBA’s Chiquitita came on and i started singing along but ended up almost crying. like seriously. I think its such a touching song. And singing along to ABBA is always, always fun.

then otw back i had a very scary panic attack because i couldnt find my parked car even though i was sure i parked right by the exit. walked around and around frantically for almost 15 minutes and was almost in tears when i decided to re-enter the building and try to calm down and gather my thoughts and trace my steps and it turns out i was on the wrong floor.
back in the car i was still recovering from the panic so i turned on the radio and sang along to imogen heap and michael buble which helped me calm down a bit then michael jackson came on and of course singing along to beat it and billie jean – how can you not feel awesome singing along to those?
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