Does a soundtrack make or break a movie, no matter how good the movie is? Not sure myself, but I’ve come to realise that the movies I list as my favourites all have elements of music in them, more than just the soundtrack. In fact, you could almost say they are musicals. Firstly, the is the magnificent Phantom of The Opera. If there’s one thing that fascinates me more than music, its multi-talented individuals, in this case, its actors/actresses who can also carry a tune quite impressively.

Among my other favourites are Les Choristes, Paris je t’aime, Corpse Bride, August Rush, and In America. Not your typical blockbuster line up, thats for sure. But the melodies that these movies weave together with their stories makes them that much more memorable. Music has an inexplicable way to it, to touch you in places you never thought you had, drawing out forgotten emotions and pricking life back into a lifeless being. It paints a picture full of a thousand rainbows for you to immerse yourself in, even if you aren’t a synesthete. Bad reviews aside, a movie that I’ve been dying to watch is Across the Universe – only because it features some of my favourite songs.

Recently I was reminded of the quiet awesomeness that is Iron and Wine while doing some research about the movie Twilight. Teenage vampire love stories are quite far from palatable to me, but on account of the magnificent “Flightless Bird, American Mouth” suggested by actress Kristen Stewart (who plays Bella Swan) I am actually considering watching it. Only for the end song lol!

I’m not happy with this blog. Thinking of redoing it somehow. For starters, there’s a lot of real wasted space, and it takes forever to load. And school starts too soon…

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