Damn you, Murphy!!!

As in, Murphy’s Law. let me tell you two stories

1. the other night, i was really thirsty so i went downstairs to get a bottle of water from the fridge. but when i opened the fridge, a cicak (small house gecko thing) scampered in and hid somewhere around the vegetable crisper box. now i really hate cicaks, they really gross me out (because of a certain incident) anyway i pulled the vegetable box out, but it wasnt there. i thjought, ok maybe i imagined it. but when i put in back in, the cicak was on the fridge floor, kinda injured i guess from being squished by the veggie box – gross. it was still well and alive, but no amount of clapping made it even budge, so i assumed it was injured. i didn’t know what to do so i took my water bottle and started sprinkling water on it so it would move away. but all that did was make it wet and thus harder for it to walk. then i took a broom and tried to sweep it off the fridge door, after some time that eventually worked and it crawled under the fridge which was good enough for me. then i close the fridge door – and realize i finished my water sprinkling that stupid cicak. no way am i opening the fridge again!

2. my brother told me to go pay his fine for him in uia, so i had to drag myself over there (this still being the holidays – i always seem to be in school even in the breaks…) anyways i got there at 8.15, but the bank only opened at 9.30. after i got that business settled, i waited for the bus to go back home. i got to the bus stop at 10.10, and waited and waited and waited. then finally a bus came, but it was 231, i was waiting for 201. so i wait some more nd bus 91 comes around – three times during my whole wait. 231 came again also. in the end i got myself a cab (wasting RM 7.60) and as we are exiting the campus i see bus 201 just about to come in…

results come out at 5 and i’m gearing up for the worse….

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