TAGGED – and apparently i’m doing the chicken dance :P

So I’ve been tagged by my sister, this should be interesting… Google FTW!!!

Rule: Go to Google and search the phrase. Tag friends. Please use your REAL 1st name.
Use the first thing that comes up that makes sense.
(don’t forget to use the ” ” )

Q: Type in “[your name] needs” in the Google search:
A: Maryam needs surgery to heal wounds she suffered during the multiple attacks on …

Q: Type in “[your name] looks like” in Google search:
A: Maryam looks like she is really happy to be around her cousin. How cute is that. And I love the slings and the color and pattern, very nice. …

Q: Type in “[your name] says” in Google search:
A: Just like Rokiyah, Maryam says she chose to wear the hijab on her own as a way ….

Q: Type in “[your name] wants” in Google search:
A: Maryam wants to be an individual yet feels like she has to reject at least some parts of the new culture in order to preserve a spot in a greater collective …

Q: Type in “[your name] does” in Google search:
A: Maryam does the chicken dance!

Q: Type in “[your name] hates” in Google search:
A: know Maryam hates it when I come home and get on the computer to type to all of you. So does Patrick. That’s cause I steal the computer from him and his …

Q: Type in “[your name] asks” in Google search:
A: Maryam asks you to try a beet. You do, it was OK, but you’re not crazy about it. … Maryam asks if your mom is buying him tickets to a show. You say no. …

Q: Type in “[your name] goes” in Google search:
A: Maryam Goes To France on Vimeo

Q: Type in “[your name] likes ” in Google search:
A:- Robert Scoble’s wife Maryam likes Scott Guthrie, a General Manager at Microsoft, just because: “He always answers his email.”

Q: Type in “[your name] eats ” in Google search:
A: 8 year-old Afghan girl Maryam eats her lunch in a camp for displaced people in Kabul on May 4. Millions of Afghans are struggling to survive in the …

Q: Type in “[your name] wears ” in Google search:
A: As a young Muslim American woman, Maryam wears a headscarf, known as a hijab, out in public and keeps her body completely covered so that only her hands and …

Q: Type in “[your name] was arrested for” in Google Search:
A: No results found for “Maryam was arrested for”.

Well some of the results were just fragmented and stuff, but overall they were pretty random! mostly from blogs…and i have never been arrested! yea!

Thus, I tag:

and…whoever else wants to have a spot of fun