A Story

There once was an iceberg. It was a small iceberg, and it floated around happily in the cold ocean, making friends with bigger icegergs, and enjoying life, relatively. Sometimes polar bears would stop by and doze off on it, and sometimes even seals. Penguins liked the iceberg as well, as it was small enough to jump up on for the young ones.

But one day, a peice of the iceberg broke off. It was a small piece, not anything to worry much about. But it kept on happening. The water became warmer, and the iceberg was breaking apart quicker than ever. It could see the chunks falling off, left right, back, and front. Soon enough, the iceberg was reduced to a small lump of ice the size of a football. And then it dissapeared into the lukewarm ocean, while the bigger iceberg looked on.

This story was first published in another one of my blogs.