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30th Jan 2008

What a day…this morning I woke up on time, but I still got out a bit late, so I practically ran to class. But when I got there there were only 2 people in the lecture hall. Weird. The lecturer wasn’t there but I thought that’s ok, he tends to come a bit late anyway. So we sit around and soon 1 or 2 more students come. And no one else. Then we get a text saying no class!

Then in the evening I had to wait for my laptop to save and hibernate so by the time I got out of my room I only had 5 minutes to make it to class on time so this time I really ran. Made it in 7 minutes, but again there were only 2 people there. This time 9/15 people showed up, but when we called our facilitatpr, she said there was no class that day. Then we rechecked our date listings and lo and behold – today was not one of the days that we had class….great. at least I got a ride back, since it started pouring right then. So tired..


29 jan 2008

Tired….but happy.

Today started bad. I woke up late, at 8.10, and my class was at 8.30. sure, enough time to ruch and get ready and make it to class just late if I ran all the way. But I couldn’t run so I just didn’t go. :/ then I also skipped my tilawah class coz I was so sleepy and lazy and more importantly I had a quiz to try and study for. Then my quiz was…okay, easier than I expected but I still don’t think I got the answers. And on the forst page it said MID SEMESTER EXAMINATION. 0.0 10% of the total final grade. Huhu..

Then at night I went to the al-aqsa interculrutal competition. The two teams that qualified for the finals were 2 sets of my friends – one is the old timers ilham ayesha and hannat and the other is nw friends – Sumeyra, khushnood and olla. Granted, I’ve known olla for ages but still.

Ilhams team won by one question, but it was great. The guys finals sucked, their questions were soooo easy! The girls one was way way way tougher, goes to show who they think has more intelligence eh? Just finished summarizing one chapter bt its still too long and its already 12-something but I still have to shower and stuff…huhhh


28th jan 2008

Today I had my preliminary crit #1. so I had to make up a concept for my house design, and I came up with “harnessing the wind”. Nothing they can comment on that unlike if I said its Bali or colonial or contemporary. Then they would be like, what is bali? How is your house colonial? This is not contemporary, you don’t understand your own concept! Well anyway, the design of my house was done in such a way that it was supposed to create a pressure differential between the two sides of the house so that cross ventilation would be possible, in all directions not only from front to back. This concept is actually like that of a plane’s wings with uplift created by pressure differences. Something like that. But the lecturers didn’t really get it and kept asking me why the house was shaped like it was, with so-and-so angles. Anyways, for some reason whenever I present the lecturers have not much to say. Good in a way, but you still need feedback laa. Thing is, I don’t give them things to criticize freely (like some lecturers love doing, its really undue and harsh commentating!), I do things with a purpose and guard what I say. I wouldn’t make a random statement without being able to back it up. Sometimes other students say things they themselves aren’t sure of and then they are exposing themselves to a vicious rapid fire of questions that put them in the spot. Dunno how to really explain it, but basically sometimes the students that get hammered, it’s really partly their fault for saying certain things that are like an open invitation for criticism.

February is gonna be mad, so many assignments due, midterms looming…then just when you think you’ve been given a brief respite March is upon you and that means finals and many many many sleepless nights either studying, working on projects or both!!

i should come down this road more often…

so i was using the net, like always. and i felt like listening to i’m callin you by outlandish and then i went on a whirlwind of wikipedia, google, and youtune scouring them all for interviews etc etc. i get obsessive quite often. this morning it was mike rowe (of dirty jobs fame)

then i stuble upon this interview by the islam channel and this guy named hamza robertson was being interviewed, so i check out his music. then in the same interview the host says dawud, and i check up dawud wharnsby ali‘s music. and stuff about him. i knew he was Canadian but apparently he was born in kitchener ontario! thats where i was born! so my i’m thinking, what if my parents knew him? unlikely, since he reverted to islam in 1993 and we moved to the us in 194 and even before islam he was a singer person so he wouldn’t have stayed in small town Kitchener i guess. but that is cool. he came to Malaysia i think, ilham went with ala if I’m not mistaken. he should come again, like have this mega nasheed concert with outlandish, sami yusuf, zain bikha, hamza et al.
yup they should definitely come.

look into my eyes – beautiful song!!!
also our creation by hamza robertson

*yes, i am a late bloomer. i know. that isam phase was like, 2 years ago for everyone else. but this is a good phase, no? need to get my act together…*

warm ears and rollicking tummies

I’ve been very jumpy and nervous all week long, well last week since its monday. even today. i had to present my project and i wasn’t really prepared, i knew what i wanted to say but i didn’t get a chance to rehearse all of it in my head or arrange all the points into a nice flowing explanation. ah anyway. the lecturers said my design was good, and they seemed to really like it, so thats a relief.this is my project. for more pictures go to my facebook account.my stomach gets all giddy when i’m nervous. i also seem to smile a really wide cheesy beam when i’m nervous presenting stuff.

i watched atonement on friday even though i was supposed to be working on my project>_>. but in lieu of the events of the day i felt i deserved a break and it was so worth it, the movie was really really good! i don’t like keira knightly but saoirse ronan and james mcavoy were brilliant. ilham was going on and on about her james, but i was really impressed by saoirse, she’s really good for someone so young and very pretty in a light, watery blue eyed way. even though the movie was slow it added to the whole feel, kinda artsy and emotional. one of the parts which impressed me most was the scene at the beach, it was like a whole 4.5 minutes of winding through the beach in a single shot, no cuts. that was some feat. according to imdb.com it took under 5 takes, so its even more impressive they were able to synchronise everything. if you’ve watched it then you know how difficult that must’ve been.

on saturday after watching the movie we had another adventure, this time involving aziza’s padlock v3.0. see, aziza had a padlock, the supposedly super security ones. but then for some reason it refused to open so she couldn’t lock her wardrobe. so she bought a new one, and happily padlocked her wardrobe shut. then she realised she lost the keys. so she had to call the technician to cut it open. the next day she buys a new padlock and locks the wardrobe and goes to class. upon returning, though, she tries to open the padlock but something inside it cracks so she can’t get it open. so i ask my dad if he can borrow a metal clipper thingy and bring it when hes picking me up. he says he can, but that it is huge and that he’d have to go up into the girls’ hostel to clip it. i say never mind, just bring it we can at least try. and when he brings it, its huge!i mean, its gotta be 1 meter long and is heavy. but the three of us (me, mom and zah) manage to clip that darn padlock open. Yaaay!!

i’m so shy its embarrassing. geez. my ears get all warm and my body feels warm one second, and cold the next…

maymuna aka nuna aka munmun is super cute!!!


its the day after the second day of being paid to stand around. its 11.42 pm, but earlier (and now i think) the weather is lovely. Lovely? At night?
yup, it was! if only malaysian weather was like this all the time, cool and super windy. my neighbors wind chimes have not stopped chiming since i got home, its really a lovely sound. on the other hand, the wind is whistling through the windows, freaky but cool at the same time. cool because you know it must be really howling out there.

ok. so we volunteered to … volunteer with some halal conference, even though we had no idea what we were supposed to do until like the day before. turns out all we had to do ws usher people about 20 meters from the registration counter to the conference hall, then herd them to the lunch/coffee break areas. and the best bit is it was rm50/day, with two days making it 100 ringgit for basically standing around. but that doesnt mean it wasn’t tiring – especially since i was in heels and standing for hours in heels is a recipe for chronic foot disaster. they feel like they are going to fall off. for the first day we had to be there at 7-ish – that meant waking up at 5.30am. the second day started later at 2.45, but still – getting there was an adventure in itself.
at the end of the first day my dad said he’d still have to be there early tomorrow, and my brother said he wanted t go early as well. ok. so who was gonna send us? how would we et there? (my dad picked us up from uia on the first day at 6.30am)

anyways, i arranged with my friends to meet at the lrt at 1pm so we’d have ample time in case anything came up. then on the day i wake up at 10 and i see my brother is still at home, so i say “i thought you were going in the morning?” but he didn’t say anything. ok…
so bla bla bla i was watching tv then at 11 my brother comes up and says get ready coz he’s going. and i ask, when? he says – now.
b-b-but i was going to meet my freinds at 1…!
i’m going now
so i go to my room and debate whether i should just go with my friends at 1 or call them and tell them to get ready pronto coz my bro didn’t go in the morning.

11.20 – i decided whatever the case i should take a shower first. afterwards i decided i would go with my friends – what would i do alone in pwtc for 3 hours anyway?
so i continue my tv watching. meanwhile my brother didn’t seem like he was going to shower anytime soon.

12 – my bro finally takes his towels in preparation for the shower, so i decide i might as well tell my friends that my brother could get us if we were in uia at 12.30. but that was kinda tight, so zah and hiba said they would go by lrt.

12.20 – my brother still hadn’t showered – so i told hiba she could come at 12.45 with zah. 5 minutes later my brother hands me his shirt (can you iron it for me?) and says, i think i’ll just pray in uia.


so then i relay this message to everyone to their exasperation
sorry guys!!!
and sorry zah that i stressed you out and you couldn’t make it!!!


on friday night i went to watch the semifinals for the Champions youth cup, Manchester United vs Flamengo. we got there 10 minutes into the match, on on our way to the seat we say this guy, a flamengo fan, screaming his heart out in pure unadultered passion (or it could have been madness, who’s to know? he was speaking portuguese) anyways, thinking it wouldn’t be wise to sit anywhere near a rampaging latino

ok thats all

malas laaaaaaaa