Penang getaway

It’s been a while since our last family holiday; we’ve been so busy with getting back into the groove with two kids and because Shafiq works a lot of weekends it’s quite rare for us to get time off as a family. So we decided to take a weekend getaway.

At first we didn’t know where to go..Shafiq suggested bandung, i suggested Kota Kinabalu, but after thinking, we shelved those ideas since I wanted to go to both places wth more planning time involved. So then it was really not that much choice left – the east coast was off limits since the monson season was rolling in, so that left Melaka, Perak, and all the Utagha states. I felt like going to Ipoh for Lost world of Tambun but Shafiq qasn’t too keen. so we settled on Penang a day before we were supposed to go. Booked the hotels near midnight and the next morning we headed off in the rain. Yep it rained all the way from KL to penang and throughout the first day, thankfully it was mostly drivng and stopping for food je, but we finally reached the hotel at 5pm. (penang is smallm but the jams make it feel so big lol)

We had decided on staying in the Batu Feringghi area since we already stayed in Georgetown the last time we were in Penang. The hotel was quite nice, though it wasnt directly on the beach. They had a cool kids pool but of course, Eesa was too scared to play in it >.>. I prayed so hard that day 2 wouldn’t be rainy, and Alhamdulillah, we woke up to dazzling sunshine. Hit the poolside straight away, and then took a quick walk to the beach. by then it was noon so we headed back, changed, and headed back out for lunch. When in penang, they say you HAVE to eat Nasi Kandar. Shafiq of course loves it, I’m just so-so. not the biggest fan. Shafiq called up his friend to ask where the best places are, so we headed off to one. It seemed rather innocous but even then there was a long line down the kaki lima. I told shafiq to get me sotong and please, no kuah banjir! Food was alright~

Our next destination was Bukit bendera. i’ve been wanting to go since forever, the last two times we were in Penang 1) it was closed for renovation 2) we didn’t have enough time. We made a wrong turn and ended up at the penang botanical garden instead, for the jeep rides up to penang hill, so we turned around and finally got there at around 4.30pm. Waited in line and finally got on he funicular at 5.30, and by the time we got to the top a light drizzle was already getting started. Oh well. Strolled around but couldn’t really explore everywhere because the rain just got heavier and heavier. by 7 we decided to call it a day and head back down (upgraded to fast lane tickets because boy was the line looooooooong)

Dinner was Subway and McD because we were too tired to go find a place to eat plus rain plus kids.

The next day we hit the pool again, and it was another struggle to get eesa out, lol. Checked out and headed to another Nasi Kandar place. Bungkus je coz the kids were knocked out, and decided to head back to KL, stopping on the way at a small RnR to gobble down the food in a pondok by the pakring lot so we could keep an eye on the kids still sleeping in the car.

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