Zombie and Architecture Superhero dreams

Okay this is going to be a short and possibly weird post about two dreams I had, one yesterday and one the day before. Let’s start with the zombie dream.

(Please note that, according to my mom, my dreams never make any sense, or have any point. let’s begin)

The scene unfolds where there are 2 people in a dark room, on a dark night. A Man and a woman. They are arguing, but not violently. The woman asks the man about an ex he used to have, and some issues she had with her. The man has his back to her, and is putting away folded laundry into the dresser. He looks at the woman through the mirror atop said dresser. Suddenly the woman hears soft, haunting singing coming from the window, and you can see a lady with blonde hair perched on the sill, singing. It is the man’s ex. the woman asks, what is she doing here?? But the lady on the sill hides from the man’s view. The man is about to wave it off when the lady appears in full frame of the window, this time laughing and singing hysterically. Her eyes are bloodshot and her hair is a tangle. Her face is terrible. She is a zombie. The woman is frozen in shock while the zombie lady scratches on the window pane and starts knocking on the glass. The man wheels around and then quickly turns back, rummaging frantically inside the dresser, and finally pulls out a revolver. The zombie starts pounding on the glass and the woman is shaken out of her frozen state and starts screaming in terror. The man aims and fires off a shot, killing the zombie. But just as she falls dead another zombie, this time a man (who was infatuated with zombie lady) appears and is furious that the love of his life is dead. He bangs on the window and another shot is fired, and he also drops dead. The man and woman stand there breathing hard when the bushes start trembling and out bursts a whole legion of zombies, who start smashing the windows. There are too many zombies, and not enough bullets. The man and woman crouch down and run through the house trying to find an escape from the inevitable.
Darkness ensues.
The end.

n.b. I don’t know anything about zombies so the accuracy of the happenings in my dream can’t be guaranteed. I’m heard zombies don’t die when you shoot them. Which is the problem I suppose.

The next dream is a short one. It features me and my siblings, and we form a legion of superheroes with architectural powers. The mission was to erect column on an empty hall that was going to be used as a wedding hall for my cousins wedding. I was the master commander person who orchestrated and directed the whole operation. In my dream there was a real sense of urgency, as if you were fighting evil, even though it was just putting up columns. I suppose we were chasing a deadline. So my brother, rec man, would zap out 4sided shapes also known as squares onto the floor. My other brother would color it, he was b man (b is the shortcut for paint bucket in sketchup) then there’s p woman, who could push/pull like that sketchup tool. And together we successfully put up the required columns in a relatively quick time and our cousins got married happily in that hall.

Also, all of us architecture superheroes could fly!

Invasion of the floating cubes by ~saramondo

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