Mapping directions

If only my sense of direction in life were as good as my sense of direction on the road

Then I’d be all set.

I was thinking about this yesterday on the way back from work in my (dad’s) car. On the road, I don’t mind getting lost, taking wrong turns, making those kinds of mistakes, because to me, it’s just a matter of knowing your bearings, where you came from and where you want to go. And anyways, if you take a wrong turn there’s bound to be somewhere you can make an illegal u-turn up ahead and get back on track. Now how do I apply that principle to life?? I know where I come from, yes. I also know where I’m headed or rather where I want to go, generally. But how do I get there? Life doesn’t come with a gps device, a mapbook, or google earth. Or maybe I just haven’t been looking in the right places? When im lost on the road, on the rare occurrence that it does happen, it’s my general directional compass that comes to the rescue. That, and my past experiences. Also instinct. When I was a little girl I loved car rides and whenever I wasn’t falling asleep I was gazing out the window. I guess that helped kot. But even before that, I still remember the route I used to take walking to kindergarten, the route my bus took in first and second grade. Point is, roads are great. They are easy for me. Cant say the same for life, although that said, I don’t think its meant to be easy. Ive had a VERY blessed life Alhamdulillah. I’m digressing.

I don’t like making mistakes. I think, im scared of making mistakes because I would be letting myself and other people down. And because of this I don’t take risks. I think I have to keep reminding myself that, like on the road, mistakes aren’t generally the end of the world, and are in fact quite necessary to be able to build up a more comprehensive map of the world/life.

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