A wandering mind

On the way to work today I glanced at my neighbour’s house where there was a long rainwater downpipe which was supposed to be attached to the gutter at the roof but this down pipe was not really fully attached and so I thought they should put a funnel there so the water flows down the downpipe and doesn’t just splash around. And then I got to thinking how a funnel wouldn’t really help if the rainfall is really heavy since the downpipe was kinda small in diameter and then I got to thinking about hydrodynamics and the people who study them and that lead me to think about the people who study hydrodynamics to make artificial white water rafting courses and I thought, they have to study the stuff *under* the water since that’s what makes the water churn and undulate and all and I thought that’s difficult, its not like they can just hold up the river and scan the riverbed and then I thought of damming rivers and that made me think of beavers and how they dam up rivers to make their homes and I remembered a book I used to read as a kid about beavers and their dams and how they build the entrances to their homes underwater so only they can get it but inside their home is dry and my mind flashed to Narnia where I don’t recall the Pevensies having to take a plunge into icy water to enter the beavers den. Then I started thinking about beavers and drawing them and how some people draw beavers tails with cross hatchings on it even though they don’t actually have lines crisscrossing their tails and after that I thought to myself, hmm, I haven’t thought about beavers in a long time, and come to think of it, I haven’t thought about Canadian animals in a long time too so I made a list of Canadian animals I used to think about and that list included beavers, moose, killer whales, narwhals and polar bears and just as I was thinking this a black myvi was driving towards me and I thought, it kinda looks like a killer whale and then I had to get out of the way coz I didn’t wanna get hit by that killer whale myvi and then I remembered the three not so nice dreams I had last night one of which involved a car accident and the other ones were about missing an exam and slapping someone and I didn’t want to remember them so I stopped thinking about them and thought instead of how I had gotten to thinking about Canadian animals in the first place, which made me retrace my thoughts and remember this whole story and so I wrote it down and now you’re reading it.

The end.

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