Some things I wrote down while waiting for my interview at z&sr to start. I came half an hour early haha!
Yellow walls (:D) timber floor. Exposed steel structure, very industrial chic-ish. Oodles or paraphernalia, pictures, posters, paintings, glass walls.
Orange chairs paired with dark furnishings
extensive library. Seems quite small
location is ok, nice compound but larger context not so much. Quiet day at work today, only 3 people spotted so far. (Added side note: another 2 people meandered out from the back. I guess this place is bigger than it looks)
looked at the phone directory at the small lobby. All Muslim names.
On the sign it said zaini mufti architects. SM Radhi design practice. (Thus the name z&sr architectural ventures)
pictures on the wall have people in them (does the company bring its staff on tours??)

The answer to that last question being, yes. 🙂
had an hour long interview/chat with one of the principals, and he offered me the job, Alhamdulillah 🙂

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