Kuala Kangsar, Bandar di-Raja

After 12 days, we are finally back from our Kuala Kangsar Heritage Studies trip. The first week or so we were all counting down the days to go home, but when the time came, it was bittersweet. The people we met and interacted with treated us with such kindness and generosity, friendly and helpful in more ways than one. I will definitely miss this small town.
Alhamdulillah, everything went smoothly and many of our tasks dipermudahkan…Perhaps it was by stroke of luck that our heritage trip coincided with the birthday of the Sultan of Perak. It was really an incredible spectacle, full of festive atmosphere. If before, Kuala Kangsar seemed like a quiet, sparsely populated town, then the eve of the sultan’s birthday definitely proved me wrong. The whole riverside was thronged with people, young and old and of all walks of life, all different races. There was a pesta panjut, pertandingan perahu berhias (the train got the most cheers) and fireworks. The next day the whole baitul rahmah group decided to take the day off and see the famous landmarks of Kuala Kangsar. Labu sayong diborong habis. The entrance fee to the Sultan Azlan Shah Gallery was waived since it was his birthday ^^ makan2 at Ku Sayang’s house and playing with her incredibly cute and exotic looking grandson Irfan.sitting by the riverside at the resort at night, looking out at the Sultan Abdul Jalil Bridge, chatting. Walking from Baitul Rahmah to Masjid Ubudiah in the cool afternoon, alone, taking in the scenery at my own pace. Meeting such wonderfully cute pakcik’s, makciks, pak engku’s and mak engku’s..just to name a few Engku Wan Rashidah, Engku Sayang, Ku Jid, Ku Izah, Ku Diah, Pak Meor, Ku Sophia, Pn Zalzilah, Wan Ainen, Hj Umar…and not forgetting the younger generation who also helped us a lot, Raja Suhaila, En Rashid and En Amin from MPKK, CC Kamarul from Pejabat Tanah, Raja Nor Izaliah, Raja Royani…

Still have a lot more to say…but I don’t know how..

To all my groupmates – Congratulations, Thank you, and apologies for any shortcomings…we’ve still got 2 months to go!!

Will these memories fade when I leave this town?
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