Malaysian Open at Mandarin Oriental
(Just a warning: this is a departure from my rather abstract posts of late)

Just by luck I was shifted from the info n booth department (blah) to the Hotel and hospitality department (^.^)/

It’s not that tiring, we get quite a few perks. Comfortable environment (second home remember :P) and the opportunity to observe how the tennis players interact and stuff. Some of the things they do are just hilarious. hard to explain why, but they just are. It’s a good hard look behind the scenes. There weren’t that many fans, only one fan actually stayed the whole day in the lobby. But MO are really nice about it so far, anyway he’s not causing any trouble and is a very quiet Japanese (I think) man. We assumed he was a Hewitt fan since he was wearing the same necklace as Hewitt, so whenever i pass him i ask if he’s gotten anyone’s autograph. I think today he managed to get quite a few. Most of the players are nice enough; at least none are rude or really unfriendly.

My colleagues are also quite nice. My supervisor Janet from Hong Kong is very organized and understanding. Her assistant Shirley is also very organized but a little bit strict. The two other volunteers, Zalikha and Ellie, are very cute and total opposites, Ellie is calm and quiet while Zalikha is bubbly and a little bit hyper. But they’re fun to be around, and we have fun talking and discussing things. Things, as in, players and people haha.
Veronica is our transport liaison par excellence, always on top of everything.
The only downside to being near the players is you realize how painfully short you are. Huhu
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