Wake Up Call

Sometimes, the only thing that will wake you up from a sleepy building services class is a phone call telling you that your hostel is on fire because it got struck by lightning. Which is exactly what happened to me today. But for some reason I found it funny. Worried, of course, because I was told to go and save my belongings, but funny because I was thinking, I don’t really have anything valuable in my room, and I couldn’t really believe that my hostel would be in flames, as it was raining cats and dogs at the time. But anyways I rushed out of my class, thankfully Qil could drive me back as it turns out, there were 2 bolts of lightning (followed by a huge thunder boom which woke everyone up in class) which struck the water tank which then burst into flames. Weird also, because it’s a water tank, filled with water. Made sure everything was okay, then went back to studio. But then got another phone call telling me I had until 7 to get whatever stuff I needed from my room because our block would be under quarantine. Rush back and gathered my stuff. Thanks again to my Qil and Jah for letting me bunk in their room…A break from the dullness of daily repetitive life, also a chance to mingle with my block mates.

Papitos is flying off to Kazakhstan tomorrow. Ho Hum.

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