Me, Myself and I

In English, addressing yourself is as easy as saying “I”. In Malay, though, how are you to choose between all the different pronouns? There’s aku, saya, kita, being the common ones. but everyone has their own preference, and some people take offence or look at you weird when you use the “wrong” one. My grandma told me “kita” is actually royal talk, like the king or something. But thats the one I use at home if I’m speaking Malay. And “aku” is deemed very crude to some, completely normal to others, I use this when speaking with a certain group of old friends. “Saya” seems a bit too formal. I don’t really use this unless I’m talking to people I don’t know.

So my flawed solution is to call myself by my name. As in, Maryam. And it still feels weird, like i’m a kid that doesn’t know the first thing about grammar. So people, tell me which one i should use in your presence and I’ll gladly try to rename myself.

(oh. and no funny I/you business. as in, I nak gi makan,you nak ikut? ewww…)

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