I’m not sure if I’m particularly fond of surprises. Like an 11th hour text determining that my weekend is officially and so so so frustratingly ruined.

Painted the studio today and it took a whole lot longer than expected because of repeated coatings and fickle minds maybe. The colour chosen (not by us) was dark brown and a pale beige-ish yellow. First coat – beige. 2nd coat – beige mixed with a tinge of brown producing a shade uncannily similar to that of a blushing piglet. Cute though, I guess. 3rd coat – a darker mix of the beige and brown for the projecting columns. 4th coat – feature walls in dark brown straight out of the bucket. Phew. I had to leave at 3.45. It was supposed to end at 12-ish by our estimates, but that was counting on the fact that people would turn up, and turn up on time at the stipulated 8.30 a.m. I woke up, took my own sweet time, ambled in the rain towards the studio and arrived at 8.32 only to find one person there. Tickety tock. One hour wasted.

On the way back my family introduced me to the newest member of our family, the yet to be properly named kitty.

I should have been super happy, seeing as I’ve been pestering my mom to let us keep a pet cat. But all I felt was unease. They said they found the cat in the middle of the road in the middle of the rain, and when they stopped to avoid hitting it, it sought shelter under our van. Its so very cute, but terrified. All the way home it was silent as a mouse, with wide frightened eyes. Somewhere in Taman Jasa the mommy cat is probably meowing pitifully :'( My mom still would not have it inside the just now at around 9 pm i heard cats fighting so i ran outside and shoed away the neighborhood bully cat from terrorising the kitty. and then I just stood there, in case it came back. the kitty then did the sweetest thing! It tiptoed slowly towards me and curled up into a scared little ball right by my feet. Awwww…!

But I’m still sad, because its still a kitty that needs its mommy and we’re not going to be able to take care of it properly. I think we should give it back, but how? The last time i picked up a stray was probably 8 years ago when I found a cuuuute kitten at the LRT station and picked it up and walked home. It did quite fine until one day a motorcycle ran over it’s leg and it died. Maybe thats also why I feel this way.

I find this post by my supposed UW roomie quite inspiring. Her struggles, although different, are also similar to ours, I think.

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