You suspect there might be something wrong with yourself when…

You suspect there might be something wrong with yourself when, looking through your brother’s A-Levels Mathematics exercise book, you have this wild craving for mathematics that hits you so suddenly and shockingly you almost fall out of your chair. Remember the days when you used to say, you HATE math? Absolutely loathed it? That it made no sense whatsoever to study something you won’t be using in your daily life, ever, EVER?

Now you look back, as a wizened old student of architecture, and sigh. Those were times when things, however ridiculous, still made copious amounts of sense compared to the fickle subjective nature of what you’re pursuing now. And even though you don’t particularly like math either, you think, it sure as heck should be a lot more straightforward and manageable than all this torture.

This torture that begins in a gut wrenching 6 days…and I’m not kidding when I say even thinking about it makes my head spin and stomach churn.

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