A day spent not bumming around, And Luna Smiling

Have you ever been sent on a wild goose chase? well, today, I did just that. Hiba and I wanted to go watch the Royals Debating Championship in UIA but we had no idea where the venues were – note to organisers, you might want to put that information on the numerous posters you put up – so after searching through the Admin building, we decided to ask SPICE where the venues were. They said it was in AIKOL, Econs, and KAED, but they weren’t sure which one was the English debate. so we decided to go east across the river to KENMS and AIKOL but Econs was desolate, and the only activity going on in AIKOL was something the the moot court, not the debates, we didn’t think.

Trekked across campus to KAED, my refrigerator of a kulliyyah, but the only thing going on there was some accounting conference (?) Finally we went with my initial suspicion that it was in Engineering, which it was. But we got there too late and the debates just ended, so we just sat around being totally lost. Managed to catch on of the quarterfinals, UIA team 1 vs some other university.

The debate was very close but in the end UIA didn’t make it through 🙁 neither did the other UIA team. Bummer. Couldn’t catch the semi finals because my driving class was at 4. went ok, but seriously need more practice. can’t believe there are only 5 classes.

On the way home I was looking out at the sky, because the moon was so beautiful! and Happy! It was shining with twinkling eyes and a crescent smile which my camera didn’t really manage to capture very well. No telephoto lens anywhere in sight so crappy digital zoom it was. The eyes are actually Jupiter (right) and Venus (left) and according to my igoogle gadget the moon is currently in a waxing crescent phase at 13% full. More details of this rare occurrence can be found here and here
Amazing Masha’Allah…

From luna

From luna

debates and driving again tomorrow…

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