Over are the exams…

Had my last one just now, and it went quite well besides the horrible fact that I totally didn't see one of the questions. A 10 mark question, which I knew the answer to. I don't know how come I didn't see it..! There goes my A, flying out the window. Also, got my studio marks today. not surprisingly, but still dissaopintingly, i got a B+. For some reason some people thought i might be one of the four who got an A-, so that got me slightly hopeful. but as always my studio marks remain firmly resolute not to move up. at least they don't move down, I know…

In the CAD lab now, trying to finish off my assignment. Holidays are here. weehoo. how come i don't feel excited?

also, prop8 passed in cali, as it should be. why are people then upset over it, those who by all means, shouldn't be? they say its bigotry. don't know much about it so i'm gonna keep my mouth shut. but all the same, i'm happy it was passed. at least some ppl in the world are still sane.

twitter is fun-ny. not haha funny, but FUN-ny. especially when no one cares lol

Maryam Hamzah

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