Mafia Wars

Here’s how it works. Everyone sits in a circle making sure you don’t touch your neighbors. There is a game master guess; he’s the one who will instruct everyone on what to do. So the circle represents a village, and everyone is a villager. First all the villagers must close their eyes. Then the games master will randomly select 3 people out of the villagers to be mafia, by quietly tapping them on their shoulder. After he has done this, he will announce, mafia, wake up, and the three chosen mafia will open their eyes. Then the each mafia points at one villager that they want to kill. The games master will then quietly place a rock/marker in front of the targets. Then he instructs the mafia to go to sleep. After that he announces, everybody wake up. Everyone opens their eyes and the three targets are out of the game. Now the interesting part. The remaining villagers have to reach a consensus on who they think the three mafias are, so after discussing they nominate three people they suspects to be mafia and these 3 have to stand up. They then have a chance to defend themselves. After that only the villagers vote on the one person they want to eliminate. The person voted out will then reveal if he is a villager who was wrongly accused or really a mafia. The game continues in rounds until all the mafias are revealed or if the mafia outnumber the villagers, in which case the mafia would have won.

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