3rd times a charm…

It’s Shakira’s birthday tomorrow so we all went out, me, Sumeyra, Hiba, Nada, and Shakira, to Sunway pyramid. the whole journey alone took an hour and a half – but we were on a mission. Today, we would go ice skating!!! YEA!!!! hehe last time i skated was when i was 7, my god how embarassing for a canadian, only skated twice in her life. Today marked the third time i was on the ice. Nada didn’t want to at first, after seeing the people on the rink as well as Sumeyra’s unhelpful gore story of how someone’s fingers were sliced off by the blades. but Hiba bought her tix anyways so she was forced to. anyhow i assured her nothing bad would happen, and showed her that “see, the skates aren’t even sharp!”

at first i had to get used to being all wobbly and slippery, getting my ice-legs or whatever. and the skates were kinda tight. pinchy. but after a while i kinda got the hang of it and had a load of fun. Sumeyra left us all and went off at first – come on we all know you know how you’re canadian/turkish! help us out! i fell down 4 times, all right after touching Sumeyra – she must be jinxed or something. the first time hurt, but only for a while. the second time hurt the most. third time was funny cos i kinda slid-fell and ended up lying eagle spread on the ice, laughing my head off. then finally the last fall gave me wet clothes as the ice was melted at that time. but even falling was fun..btw Hiba is really good at skating, very steady and smooth and fast enough…

we skated for about 3 hours then had lunch at wendy’s…yea after seeing so many ads in canada i wondered what it actually tastes like. but the burgers were puny sized. baked potatoes were nice though, but not salty enough. then while waiting for nada and hiba (who went off to satisfy their chocoholicism) we watched the people skating. there was this one girl with beautiful orange hair, all wild, looking like a hippie/gypsy/irish lass/free spirit and she was super nice, helping people out and teaching them how to skate even though she didnt know them. she was a good enough skater, but she fell once, slid and fell, and was also laughing.

must must go again….

Damn you, Murphy!!!

As in, Murphy’s Law. let me tell you two stories

1. the other night, i was really thirsty so i went downstairs to get a bottle of water from the fridge. but when i opened the fridge, a cicak (small house gecko thing) scampered in and hid somewhere around the vegetable crisper box. now i really hate cicaks, they really gross me out (because of a certain incident) anyway i pulled the vegetable box out, but it wasnt there. i thjought, ok maybe i imagined it. but when i put in back in, the cicak was on the fridge floor, kinda injured i guess from being squished by the veggie box – gross. it was still well and alive, but no amount of clapping made it even budge, so i assumed it was injured. i didn’t know what to do so i took my water bottle and started sprinkling water on it so it would move away. but all that did was make it wet and thus harder for it to walk. then i took a broom and tried to sweep it off the fridge door, after some time that eventually worked and it crawled under the fridge which was good enough for me. then i close the fridge door – and realize i finished my water sprinkling that stupid cicak. no way am i opening the fridge again!

2. my brother told me to go pay his fine for him in uia, so i had to drag myself over there (this still being the holidays – i always seem to be in school even in the breaks…) anyways i got there at 8.15, but the bank only opened at 9.30. after i got that business settled, i waited for the bus to go back home. i got to the bus stop at 10.10, and waited and waited and waited. then finally a bus came, but it was 231, i was waiting for 201. so i wait some more nd bus 91 comes around – three times during my whole wait. 231 came again also. in the end i got myself a cab (wasting RM 7.60) and as we are exiting the campus i see bus 201 just about to come in…

results come out at 5 and i’m gearing up for the worse….

the movie marathon-ing

So far in the holidays i have watched:

The Spiderwick Chronicles – better than i expected from a nickelodeon movie

The Jane Austen Book Club – hmmm….it was interesting i guess

27 Dresses – james marsden!! – what more can i say?

Win a Date with Tad hamilton – topher!!!

Becoming Jane – did not live up to my expectations. it was just ok

In America – loved this movie!!

Catch Me If You Can – it was based on a true story, mustve been some kinda life!

The Kite Runner – Great Great movie

Anna and The King – lotsa malay actors in this movie. therefore their accents were malay, not thai. looool tom felton as a kid is exactly the same

Juno – eccentric, funny goodness, just the way i like it

The Bourne Identity – the book was better but more confusing…

movies i have lined up:
the bourne supremacy
the bourne ultimatum
the wind that shakes the barley

what else is there to do? i finished reading all my new books and also my new magazines. like the day i bought them.

The changing of fickle minds

soooo port dickson bottomed out, because of certain and numerous complications. we ended up crashing ayesha’s house instead (kesian her brother, had to lock himself in his room for 2 days:P) but in the end, i think we all had a great time! ala didn’t know about her surprise party, she thought we were just heading to ayesha’s for lunch. we decorated the place with whatever we had, namely colorful scarves and those belly dancing things you tie around your waist, she has tons of them. we even made a paper plate ‘banner’ which was deemed ‘so childish’ by ayesha’s bro, but who cares.

after lunch we all crowded around the laptop to watch ala’s video of us mainly stalking her and her guy like deranged paparazzi, her expression when she watched it was priceless. but after that came the presents time and lets just say ala was super super embarrassed and/or horrified at some of the more risqué gifts…>_>(nothing too extreme laaah)

then at night we decided to walk over to plaza mont kiara for coffee so we crashed starbucks tho me and ilham decided to get stuff from secret recipe instead, and since we were there we decided to surprise zah with a belated birthday cake. worked out perfectly since she and ayesha went off somewhere for a bit to get some burger ayam special so when she came back we all broke into ‘happy birthday’

when we were heading back ala wanted to play in the water fountain, that was hilarious. i suppose her sugar rush kicked in just then coz while walking back she was singing and screaming out loud (i scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream aaaahhh)!!!! kiiiinda scary…so it was me and ala walking ahead of aziza, ayesha, and hannat. then i look back at them and i see these 2 guys walking behind us and we all start panicking and walk super fast half running and laughing all the way to the main gate since the back gate was locked. that was really something.

the next day we cleaned up and left at around 2 ish. me zah and hannat wanted to go to klcc, and the rest went to uia/home. then when we were in klcc who else do we bump into but ala’s guy. it was funny coz we were saying how, next thing we know ala is here also. then we can say ‘ha ala you didn’t wanna hang out with us huh?’ and then we really do see her lol.

i borrowed like 6 dvd’s and as of yesterday i already watched 3 of them and finished reading the book i bought. now i’m wondering what am i gonna do for the rest of the hols? might go to pc fair today and mummsy wants to watch forbidden kingdom tho its not out yet…

Has the holiday started yet?

assuming i have finished writing all my exams, which i have, then yes, they have started. but i have so many things to do.

1. clean room – half done today
2. clean hostel room – half done yesterday
3. prepare ala’s surprise video thingy
4. arrange our studio for accreditation (? what if some people dah balik kampung?)
5. buy gifts for two special people
6. buy munchies for port dickson
7. pay ilham gas money for port dickson
8. basically get stuff ready for our port dickson trip aka ala’s surprise kinda bachelorette party
9. heapful of laundry to fold
10. go to my driving class

among other things. haven’t been out in ages, and lately i’ve been getting really massive headaches that are triggered by anything a bit too strong for my senses, like day before yesterday the sun was shining in the morning and my head pounded the whole day. then some bad smells leaked out from the kampung drains and i was spinning for two days. ugh. hope its not anything seriously wrong with my brain – i have hypochondria so i think the worst things are happening to me whenever something is wrong (all the better to be prepared right?) but its better not to say what i think…