I’ve never been so glad I was wrong – turns out it wasn’t wikipedia that let me down, it was person doing the subtitles, and me of course. Anywyas, as many of you have pointed out, yes, my spelling was wrong, its in fact spelled synesthesia or synesthaesia like I suspected, and here is the wiki link where you can read more about this fascinating condition. oh and the people who have this are called synesthetes.

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I can’t believe it, but wikipedia has let me down, and not on some random obscure topic either. I wanted to know more about synthaesthesia, but the good old wiki had nothing to offer. Its not even recognised as a word here, angry red zigzaggy lines under it.

I caught the end 5 minutes of a documentary on it just now, on Discovery channel. Synthaesthesia is a neurological condition that approximately affects 1% of the world’s population. Synthaetics somehow link different sensory parts of their brains together. Most cases are discovered through sound and taste, in association with colour. For example, synthaetics listen to music and immediately visualise different colours for various notes and instruments. similarly, some also taste foods and each food has a unique colour, but not one that can be set by the person themselves. as a result, sometimes a delicious food or beautiful instrument might have an awful colour. Many times, sythaetics choose music/food according to the colour combinations that they offer, so the man in the documentary I watched had an interesting dinner menu. Roast chicken with a sideline of vanilla ice cream all lathered in orange sauce. According to him, that combination produced a lovely mixture of sky blues that appeared in a large oval in front of him, and faded as the taste wore off. He also said that although he enjoys the sound of a french horn, he cannot stand the colour associated with it, which is akin to an oily green.

Scientists still don’t know what causes it, though they came up with 2 theories. the first is that the parts of the brain of synthaetics somehow are linked closer to each other than normal human brains are. The second theory is that all human brains are connected physically but because of the opposing stimuli the connections are hampered or something.

150, are you blind?

Last night aka this morning while I was doing my work my eyes decided to take a short trip back to the 60’s. I started seeing psychedelic, colorful spots, swirls, and lights. Far out. Turned off my study lamp for a while hoping it would go away. It seemed as though I was looking through a kaleidoscope and no amount of blinking would make it disappear. I guess that is what happens when you’ve spent the whole week looking at lineslineslineslines. 
As I remember it, I had iftar and went straight back to work. And when sahur time came, it was very weird, because it seemed as though I just ate, when actually, it was yesterday. Not sleeping really messes you up. My brain was not functioning at all today, if you can’t already tell by this jumbled up post. 
after sahur I prayed and told my sister to wake me up in 15 minutes because I wanted to take a short nap on the floor (so I wouldn’t make myself too comfortable, but anyways I’ve been sleeping on the couch for the past week since my bed is full of papers) I woke up and saw that it was already 7.30.
Rush rush rush
Head was pounding but had to stay awake in the car since I was trying to think of what to say in my presentation. Like I said, my brain was on leave so nothing came to me.
Also felt strangely nauseous today. Maybe it was nerves. Was afraid I might throw up on my project, which would have been funny but devastating at the same time.  It felt like motion sickness, I guess because I spent so long in one position that even walking made me feel dizzy. Not that there was much to upchuck anyways. Whatever energy I might have gotten from a banana and half a slice of pizza I wasted crying for no reason. Just suddenly felt so overwhelmed and sick and tired and frustrated and pitiful. Mentally unstable, like I said, my brain vacated me.
Anyway, presentation went good, thanks to Ilda who helped me figure out what I was going to say.
Died in the musolla afterwards, and woke up at 6-ish to even worse headaches and nausea.
Feeling a bit better now, but still…weird.
While doing my work I was thinking of all the weird ways an architecture student could die. 
Morbid but kept me entertained. one of the ways was inhaling too much UHU glue fumes, and another was getting so many paper cuts and then subsequently falling asleep in the bath/shower so that you s l o w l y bled to death.
I felt very sad. first of the last 10 days of Ramadan and I’m up all night, not praying or making du’aa but drawing lines, cutting boards, measuring, erasing.
Time to get back on human time. Time to get back on track. Time to recover.

Has the holiday started yet?

assuming i have finished writing all my exams, which i have, then yes, they have started. but i have so many things to do.

1. clean room – half done today
2. clean hostel room – half done yesterday
3. prepare ala’s surprise video thingy
4. arrange our studio for accreditation (? what if some people dah balik kampung?)
5. buy gifts for two special people
6. buy munchies for port dickson
7. pay ilham gas money for port dickson
8. basically get stuff ready for our port dickson trip aka ala’s surprise kinda bachelorette party
9. heapful of laundry to fold
10. go to my driving class

among other things. haven’t been out in ages, and lately i’ve been getting really massive headaches that are triggered by anything a bit too strong for my senses, like day before yesterday the sun was shining in the morning and my head pounded the whole day. then some bad smells leaked out from the kampung drains and i was spinning for two days. ugh. hope its not anything seriously wrong with my brain – i have hypochondria so i think the worst things are happening to me whenever something is wrong (all the better to be prepared right?) but its better not to say what i think…