In 9th grade I was faced with a decision – what electives do I want to take? Out of the 8 subjects we were allowed 3 electives. I had already taken Japanese and art in my first semester, and for my second semester I was torn between IT and carpentry. I was really interested in both. Hem. Haw. Mull. I checked out the computer labs and the woodshop. I considered asking advice from my guidance counsellor, in the end I ended up asking my mom. (Basically the same thing) At the start of my school year I had already registered IT as my third elective but the more I thought about it, the more I felt myself leaning towards carpentry. I figured, I can learn IT by myself, all I need is a computer at the very least. Why pass up the opportunity to work in a fully equipped woodshop? So a few days before the closing of the course change petition closed, I submitted my request to change from IT to carpentry. And im glad I did, because I loved it! And some friends of mine who took IT confessed that it was actually pretty boring.

In 10th grade my toss up was between history and physics. Again, I loved both. This time I don’t know what made me go with history. But im glad I did because I had a great teacher and our class was just 3 people. Teacher included. So a lot of the classes were spent watching movies like Schindlers list. And then in A-Levels I decided to not tae history because that would’ve been too heavy and my teacher pun left the school. Instead I switched to physics and I was worried that I might not be able to cope since I didn’t take O-Level physics so I sat in the O-Level physics classes when I could and the teacher who taught Olevels was the same teacher who taught A-Levels so that was good. And he was an awesome teacher too. Come to think of it, all my physics teachers were pretty great. In high school that is. UIA lain cerita.

Point of this blogpost? None really. Just bored. Also, its time to choose.

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