Brimful of Rants.

Something is seriously wrong with me. I mean, who in the world falls asleep while they are writing their midterms? It happened to me twice this week already. I fall asleep in each and every class, in midterms, in cars, sitting, standing, reading, writing, drawing. Everywhere and all the time. This semester is definitely, definitely doomed. I have no idea what has been covered in class. My studio is going nowhere real slow. Working drawing is consuming every minute of my precious time. Culture report, where in the world am I going to find time to go visit an “entertainment hub”? Malay group report about the relevance of IT, not even started and I think its due on Thursday. Wednesday is Working drawing submission and Informative speech presentation. Next Friday is our final crit – all the details should be done but I’m still at my single line floor plan.

I’ve banged my head on walls on purpose just for fun, whacked my forehead with various books, this must be a sign of craziness right?

Coffee does nothing, internet is a distraction for only a while, studio is freezing or too hot, and me, I keep on complaining about things when I should really be working towards solving issues. Off I go, then, drawing door jambs. Oh joy.

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