Of refugees and the four seasons

Our friends the Joneses came up for a short visit on the last leg of their summer vacation, so I spent the day with Ayesha and cutie Maymuna. Ayesha wanted to see Tr. Murad – so I thought hard and recalled he worked for the rector. So obviously he must be in the rectory building. But where? Just by luck, we stepped into the elevator and level 4 was already pressed. might as well get off there. turns out he was on level 4, and he was shocked to see Ayesha. We had a nice long conversation about a wide range of topics, from refugees, fake passports, the four seasons, sheep (of course), grass, we even sang a song or two. It was great. The boys went off to play basketball meanwhile, so after we left Tr. Murad’s office we hung out in the mosque waiting for the boys to be done. we waited until maghrib, and then headed home for dinner with our guests, Hesham, Ayesha, Maymuna, Lutfi and Fikri.

Good times – but way too short. Maymuna is such a model poser! She loves the camera – and we have proof! But she’s so cuuuuuute!!!

Ayesha mentioned something today which I always thought but never said. “It’s really weird meeting people you see on facebook” and its so true! Because, you know them even though by right, you don’t. and you feel weird because even before being introduced you know a fair dinkum of what that person is about, their full name, you read their comments and posts and build up your own mental image of how this person’s persona might be. I always feel odd meeting someone I know about but never actually met or was ever even mentioned to me directly. Somehow I feel I’ve violated their privacy. like by knowing snippets of online conversations they’ve had with my friends, seeing their pictures float around. After all – you don;t want to appear stalker-ish, do you?

Oh, and school started today. Our major project this semester will be to design an orphanage.

Once again – for alimited time only this will be up for public viewing (hmmm that sounds odd..)


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