Observations, 2

Finally got out of the house yesterday, since my sister wanted to go see the exhibition at Central market about Palestine. It wasn’t much, but still worth checking out.

Things I saw that caught my fleeting attention:

Waiting (forever) for public transport in front of my house, a guy in a Manchester United shirt walks by. I started thumb wrestling with Muhsin, as I alsways do when I’m bored. The guy suddenly starts reading surah Al-Ikhlas in a really loud and deep voice, and then goes on saying how its not permissible to shake hands with someone who is not your mahram. Thanks dude, but he’s my little brother! Good that he had the courage to say that though. Later on we saw him smoking and were contemplating whether or not to go up to him and tell him smoking is Haram. We didn’t though.

A group of schoolgirls on the LRT acting as is they were high. seriously. Laughing wildly, singing out loud, etc. I wondered why. Later on my sister told me that SPM was over, so I assume thats what they were so giddy about.

Group of 3 people seated at a closed mamak stall at Central Market Annexe, and a 4th person joined them they all started signing! such animated conversations.So cool..!

A crow’s nest in the space frame structure at the KL KTMB station. Then the owner of the nest flew in and made itself comfortable…

Super long Cargo train with over 20 train cars attached, all labeled Lafarge Malaysian Cement.

Sugar glider at Pets Wonderland in Midvalley. so small and cute!

International Contemporary Art Exhibition at Midvalley. Very cool. International Artists were also present, some painting, some playing the harmonica, some being bored. definitely worth checking out. Ends 30th November though, so rush on over!!

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