KL, raining

Went to the orchid garden as planned today, on the way there also stopped by the hibiscus garden. Place was nice, though not all the flowers were in bloom. Even though we were right in the middle of KL it felt like we were far, far away. After that we had a spontaneous moment and decided to go to the planetarium, so walked all the way there, but on the way it started to rain buckets. Fortunately, my raggedy minuscule umbrella kept us from being totally drenched. We arrived at the planetarium only wet. It was a lot less than I imagined it to be. Kind of let down, after all these years wanting to go there, it didn’t really offer much. Lots of screaming school kids too. Observation deck was empty so that was nice. We retreated back downstairs when the children discovered it. Then went to Masjid Negara for prayer. All in all, great day. We were thinking about going to the bird park as well, but didn’t fancy being pooped on :/ Tomorrow doesn’t look so promising. Have to submit my (scrappily done) CAD assignment and then off to driving class number 2 a.k.a engine class. Won’t make me a world class mechanic but at least I won’t be hoodwinked by the grease monkeys.

By the way, I don’t know why but I write in fragments a lot of the time. Bits and shards of thought, as long as the main idea is out then i’m good. My sentences are usually abrupt, truncated in the beginning and end. Is it annoying? Word economy I tell you…

Here are most of the pictures from my camera, please ignore the craptastic photography. I am but a point-and-shooter…

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