Final Presentation day…

…went OK, but I'm still pretty wary. It's one of those things where you're wondering if its too good to be true, because surely its not? the visiting and very enthusiastic assessor liked my design and even more shockingly he said i could be a good designing architect. this after I'd been having serious thoughts about changing courses (ok, i have those everyday, but…) i even considered going to my studio master and asking her if she honestly thought i could make it as an architect. i mean, supposedly they are have to be very confident and vocal, the Big Boss and Leader of the pack. i don't have any of those attributes and i know it.

anyhow, our group got quite good marks which will be moderated further since its kind of unfair. other groups didn't get such a generous assessors, and as a result their grades weren't that good, even though they had like, the cream of our studio's crop. by not good marks i mean really, not good. more than a few girls and guys had teary moments :'(

even though i only slept about 2 hours in the 3 days leading up to the presentation, i didn't want to do like i did last time and just die after the presentation because i learned the hard way that it would result in a splitting headache. so i met up with some friends for lunch, hung out in my dad's office for a while and then took a three hour nap on the floor. went to that dinner at 8, and I got home at 10. wanted to catch the re-run of the amazing race, which was at midnight, so i watched Dirty Jobs (love that show) and a re-run of House. finally went to sleep at 1 a.m.

oh at the dinner there was this group performing, i shan't mention their name because… its weird, but they sang an acapella Malay version of "Yesterday" by The Beatles. which made me go home and now i'm listening to some beatles songs also. there was this shop in one utama selling those music box things where you wind the wheel and the spool thing has dimples on it so that music will be played when it unwinds. there was one that played such a sweet tinkling version of "hey jude" which is one of my favourites, and i would've bought it if it wasn't for RM40!

Our studio might be going to our lecturer's house on friday, if the department lets her have the day off. this sem has been a good studio semester for me, if only becaus eof the great people that make up awesome section 2… its like i found a really happy working medium, and i wish we could all stick together but next sem we seem to have all chosen different sections 🙁

but before next sem are the finals. which i should be studying for now.

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