a funny but serious week

serious because my exams are coming up fast and thick – see previous entry.

weird – i had the weirdest dream this morning – my old school (iis in the jungle) had wild animals roaming around. like, wild vicious wanna-rip-out-those-kids-throats kinda vicious. first there were wolves. 3 of them. they went after this kid with a blue t-shirt on. somehow i growled at them as a lion would, so that they’d leave him alone. they did, but came towards me instead. so i had to rush to lock all the doors of the 4th floor (thats where i was, but it didn’t have partitions, just like it was originally) they managed to get in tho, so we had to run out. then i dunno what happened to them, but a pride of lions suddenly appeared. they had no cubs, all were malicious adults. one of my cousins wrapped duck tape all around the building to contain them (?) and we were all given ubat pelali, i forget what it is in English. in the end they were all lali-ed but no one would approach them. apparently if you touched them you’d become a vicious beast as well. one of the ids did and she had to be rushed to the hospital. i think it was something in the grass, coz there were also vicious rabbits and horses. scary…..

on a happier note;

i think i found my long long lost friend on facebook – i’m sooo happy. but i have to confirm its her first.

another thing – i got mail! haha they were a sheet of ferrari stickers looolll…

i also got in the mail an invite to a live screening of the Sepang race today, in the BMW pit lounge. but i’m not going, on account of exams and they said food and drinks will be served. i think they will have alcohol, thus i am not going.

another thing i got in the mail, but i can’t say what it is until i am officially allowed to 😛

oh and like two weeks ago i got something sad in the mail – my certificates from University of Waterloo. they were my scholarship certificates, given out at the annual engineering appreciation night or something like that which of course i wasn’t there because i’m not attending the uni …..T_T

i was reading my f1 magazine last night, and i found out that:
sebastian vettel and nico hulkenberg are my age (1987)
lewis hamilton, nelson piquet jr, nico rosberg and kazuki nakajima are my brother’s age (1985)
Robert Kubica is only 3 years older than me

these people are (relatively) successful people. they are my age. WHAT AM I DOING????

gotta go study now….

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